3 Tips for Filming Social Media Videos

Whether you are filming a subject for an interview, shooting some great scenic footage, or want to capture a snapshot of a sponsored event – it is important to keep some things in mind if you are planning to upload videos to your social media page or filming social media videos.

Below are three tips to help you when filming for social media videos:

Social media photos centred

Centering Your Social Media Video

When it comes to displaying your video content, social media is a different setting than that of television advertising or YouTube. Where the above-mentioned focus on standard videos (1920px1080p), sites like Facebook and Instagram are focused primarily on square videos (1080×1080), meaning that you have to frame your shots differently for your social media videos.

While you can often use standard videos on these sites, the square format has been found to preferred on mobile devices, meaning that it takes up more room on the screen, meaning details can be viewed better, whereas the horizontal video will not fit as well and will be zoomed out.

So, how do you film for square format for your social media videos?

Simply centre your subject with a decent amount of room either side. This will allow for you to be able to keep both formats if you want to use the video outside of social media, and will allow for you to crop it in with no loss of information. Simple, but effective.

Creating A Hook For Your Social Media Video

Most people decide whether or not to stay and watch a social media video on their feed within the first three seconds. This leaves you no time to waste with long, boring introductions – you have to capture their interest almost immediately.

That is where the ‘Hook’ comes in.

The hook is generally the first 3-6 seconds of a video, where the main focus is to develop interest and create intrigue into the video. Whether it is a few shots from the climax of the video, a rhetorical question, or simply a really nice, engaging shot – using a hook is the best way to capture the viewer’s attention straight away.

An excellent example of the use of a hook within a social media video can be found within this Volkswagen Jetta Ad. Within the ad, the men fighting and arguing immediately makes the audience want to know what the fighting is about – they are hooked and will most likely watch the rest now they have a vested interest.

So, in essence, focus a lot on your opening 3-6 seconds, as it will be the most viewed part of your social media video.

Subtitles Help Reaching A Larger Audience


Subtitles may seem like an unusual tip, however every professional video on social media should have some. The majority of people looking at videos on social media at any time will not have their sound up, and often the sound will not play automatically. This means that it is essential to have subtitles so that your audience can still get the message of the video. If the audience cannot understand what a video is about, there is a high chance they will scroll on.

Social media is an ever-expanding platform, filled with countless posts, videos, and articles. You should do everything you can to stand out, and ensure that your video has the best chance of gaining traction and reaching your desired audience.

These tips are good, simple foundations that can be used in any production, short video, or casual social media post, and I hope they give you the leg-up you need to get started.

Good luck, and if you are planning or interested in filming with your phone for this, we have more helpful tips here.

Rocket Productions can help you produce your social media videos, get in touch with us today.

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