B-roll shots that will boost your interview style video

Filming an interview? Here are some examples of b-roll shots (supplementary footage) to add to the mix so that your video is more compelling.

Is b-roll essential for your interview Style videos?

B-roll is a super useful asset for your videos. Two good examples of b-roll that you can film for your project are:

  1. Your team solving problems
  2. Your service in action

Watch the video to see a quick example. In this video you’ll see some talking head footage that I’d like to add some b-roll to because without b-roll, viewers might lose interest. I have 2 shots of a ‘team at work’ scenario that I add to my talking head footage. Following that, I add a shot of the subject being discussed in the interview, in action.  The end result? A more compelling video where you not only feature the person being interviewed, but you create engage your audience with storytelling shots.

Daniel Beleski is an Editor, Animator and Director of Photography at Sydney based video production company Rocket Productions. Get more useful tips here.

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