Filming an interview? Here’s a final reminder.

If you’re filming an interview, what’s the final reminder you need to give your talent before you press record so that your video flows smoothly?

Filming an interview – last words

So it’s no secret that people can get pretty nervous before filming an interview and they’ve got brain space for maybe one simple reminder. What are you going to say? In our experience, the best reminder you can give your interviewee is reminding them to answer in full sentences or reframing your question in their answer. So if you said “What color is the sky today?” They can’t just say “blue” because you can’t make an edit out of a one word answer they need to answer. “Today the sky is blue.” And that one simple reminder can save you a whole lot of pain in the edit.

Lindley Joyner is a Producer-Director at Sydney based video production company Rocket Productions. Get more useful tips here.

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