Creating videos with just editing

Use professional video editors
If you’ve been wondering about getting videos created with just video editing and no filming, here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

1. How do I decide what kind of edited video is best for my project?
Our producer will work with you to help you lock in on the perfect type of video for your project. Here are a few popular options:
• A video made with stock footage that best tells your story
• An animation of text and icons placed on top of relevant video or still image backgrounds
• An edit of footage that you supply by filming yourself on your phone or through Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

2. I already know what kind of video I need, what do I need to do next?
The first step is to plan your script. This is a combination of your key messages, the voiceover script (if you’d like one), the visuals that will communicate those key messages and any onscreen text or icons that will emphasise those key messages. Our producer will help you map out your story so that your video really hits the mark with your key messages.

3. How can I ensure that my video will be engaging?
Generally speaking for an online video it’s better to have a much shorter video and depending on your content, we’d recommend 1 to 2 minutes in duration at most. If you can do it in 30 seconds by reducing your messages to just the most important, then that would be ideal as online viewers tend to drop off very quickly. The key is to put your most important message in the first 10 to 15 seconds of your video for platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook. For Instagram we’d suggest getting to the point immediately, especially for Facebook ads – have a look at these tips by Facebook.

We’d also recommend putting the most engaging key messages in the first section of your video so that you hold your viewers’ attention. Also, it’s ideal to provide variety in the storyline to give the viewer another reason to keep watching your video. Use a good amount of up-to-date graphics, transitions and smart editing techniques.

Where your audience isn’t online or you’re speaking to an audience that is pre-engaged in your content, then longer durations are fine but the ‘rules of engagement’ still apply. Here are some tips on how to avoid your video ending up longer than you had planned.

4. How can I make sure that my edited video looks slick?
Professional editors with years of industry experience have the knowledge and skill to know what works and what doesn’t. Good planning in the script writing stage is also important as this will determine the duration of your video. It can be tempting to pack in more information, but sometimes it comes at the cost of viewer engagement because the video is simply too long…which takes the edge of the ‘slickness’ of your video.

5. What types of videos can you edit?
• Promotional videos
• Branded content videos
• Corporate videos
• Social media videos
• Corporate case study videos
• Animated videos
• Recruitment videos
• Training and educational videos
• Event videos
• TV commercials
• Just about any video

6. Where are you located and can you edit my video if I’m another state or country?
Rocket Productions’ office is in North Sydney. We edit videos for clients across Sydney, New South Wales, in other Australian states and around the world such as the US, UK and APAC.

7. Why should I get Rocket Productions to edit my video?
Top quality edited videos are directly influenced by the standard of editor working on your video project As our video editors are industry professionals with many years of commercial video editing experience under their belt, we know exactly what your video needs so that it’s polished and engaging. You have come to right place for video editing.

For more information on how we can help you with editing your video, contact us today.

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